LACAC Care Coordinator Advisor

LACAC Care Coordinator Advisor

Overview: The LACAC Care Coordinator Advisor will perform functions related to internal human trafficking efforts within Children Advocacy Center’s across the state of Louisiana, supervision and management of the Regional Care Coordinators, providing ongoing assistance and development of statewide care coordination, and additional Children Advocacy Center network activities. The Louisiana Child and Youth Trafficking Collaborative-Accessibility Initiative (LCYTC AI) is a multi-year project administered by the Governor’s Office and funded by the US Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime that will aim to improve outcomes for child and youth victims of sex and labor trafficking. The vision for the LCYTC AI is a cohesive, statewide care coordination model of multidisciplinary teams that ensure that all children in Louisiana regardless of their location or identity-have access to a comprehensive continuum of care. The values of the LCYTC AI project are accessibility, collaboration, continuity, equity, survivor-centered, and sustainability. To learn more about the LCYTC, visit

Full-time Employee (40 hours/week). Reports to the Director of Special Projects of Care Coordination at LACAC and the Program Director of the LCYTC-AI project. Hybrid-expected to come into the office a minimum of 2 days a week, must live in Louisiana. Office based in the Slidell, Louisiana.

Essential Activities:

Louisiana Child and Youth Trafficking Collaborative
• Collaborates with stakeholders and works with LCYTC-AI’s Program Director and the LCYTC team to develop and implement a coordinated statewide strategy for human trafficking response through a Statewide Care Coordination process.
• Provide direct guidance, support, and technical emergent and/or ongoing assistance to Regional Care Coordinators and Human Trafficking Liaisons. Provides statewide support in the strategic planning, implementation, analysis, quality assurance, maintenance, and improvement of the CAC and multi-disciplinary care coordination process response to respond to victims of human trafficking. Assists with protocol and process development.
• Facilitate meetings, ongoing conference calls, and other activities to uphold and strengthen the statewide network of coordinators.
• Assists LCYTC-AI’s Program Director and the LCYTC team in the planning, implementation, and the follow-up activities for statewide human trafficking training and events. Train CACs or Multi-disciplinary team partners throughout the region on human trafficking and promising practices around trauma-informed interventions for victims. Support ongoing education about accessibility, inclusion, and cultural competence.
• Works with the LCYTC-AI team and Governor’s Office to develop activities to increase awareness, engagement, and support of the Louisiana Child and Youth Trafficking Collaborative Accessibility Initiative.
• Provides support and guidance toCACs and partner agencies for implementation of screening and training protocols, with an emphasis on identifying victims from underserved and under identified communities.
• Conduct ongoing check-ins and travel to complete site visits with each regional Care Coordinator across the state.
• Oversee LACAC’s centralized intake for referrals of care coordination and disseminate them across the state to the appropriate region.

Implementation of Act 662
• Assist in the expansion of the network of LCYTC Care Coordinators as outlined in Act 662.
• Onboard and manage new members of the LCYTC Care Coordination network.

Growth and Development of CACs
• Coordinate any additional statewide special projects as assigned by the Director of Special Programs.

• Boost and manage social media presence to increase knowledge of accessible victim services by CACs.
• Coordinates projects and opportunities for statewide awareness campaigns related to CACs and child abuse prevention.

Travel Requirements:
Reliable transportation is essential as travel is a core function of this position. The individual must be willing to travel throughout the state as well as to national conferences for professional development when possible. LACAC will provide reimbursement for travel expenses in accordance with state and federal travel regulations.

Hiring Pay Range: $55,000 -$60,000. Pay commensurate with education and experience. Competitive benefits package including 401k, health/vision/dental insurance, paid time off, cell phone stipend, and professional development opportunities.

Minimum Qualifications:
The position of Projects Supervisor requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree; a Master’s Degree or three (3) years of demonstrated success in a similar position is preferred. The person in this position should possess the aptitude to sustain and cultivate relationships with statewide partners.

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience Requirements:
• Knowledge of the dynamics of human trafficking and the system response and challenges for victims.
• Ability to be innovative and self-motivated.
• Strong oral and written communication skills.
• Aptitude to identify challenges while implementing effective solutions.
• Ability to be detail-oriented and familiar with compliance requirements for federal funding including grant management and program budgeting.
• Ability to effectively and efficiently work on multiple projects simultaneously.
• Strong qualities of leadership and the ability to quickly and thoughtfully respond to program needs as they emerge.

Preferred Experience:
• Knowledge of and experience working within multidisciplinary team response and child abuse intervention.
• Experience managing grant-funded programs.
• Employment experience within CACs, child welfare, law enforcement, prosecution, health care, juvenile justice, mental health or related fields.
• Experience developing and sustaining relationships and facilitating meetings with a diverse range of stakeholders.

LACAC Board Member

The Louisiana Alliance of Children’s Advocacy Centers (LACAC) is a non-profit organization established for the empowerment, collaboration, and advocacy of Louisiana Children’s Advocacy Centers (CAC). The mission of LACAC is to promote, assist, and support the development, growth, and sustainability of Louisiana CACs.

Leadership, governance, and oversight
As the highest leadership body of LACAC and to satisfy its fiduciary duties, the board is responsible for:
• Determining the mission and purposes of LACAC;
• Selecting and evaluating the performance of the Executive Director;
• Strategic and organizational planning;
• Ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management;
• Fundraising and resource development for LACAC;
• Approving and monitoring LACAC’s programs and services;
• Enhancing LACAC’s public image; and,
• Assessing its own performance as the governing body of LACAC.

Each member of the board is expected to:
• Exhibit commitment to the LACAC mission and knowledge of LACAC policies, programs, and needs;
• Faithfully read and understand LACAC’s financial statements;
• Support fund development efforts through service as active advocates and
ambassadors for LACAC and fully engage in identifying and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for LACAC to advance its mission;
• Leverage connections, networks, and resources to encourage collective action toward the full achievement of LACAC’s mission;
• Give a meaningful personal financial donation, if able;
• Help identify personal connections that can benefit the organization’s fundraising and reputational standing and can influence public policy

Board terms/participation
An individual shall serve on the board for the period of a two (2) year term and may serve up to two (2) consecutive terms. After one year’s absence, individuals are again eligible for nomination to the LACAC Board of Directors.

• Follow the organization’s bylaws, policies, and board resolutions;
• Provide an annual conflict-of-interest disclosure and update it during the year if necessary, as well as disclose potential conflicts before meetings and actual conflicts during meetings;
• Maintain confidentiality about all internal matters of LACAC;
• Prepare for, attend, and conscientiously participate in a majority of the regularly scheduled quarterly board meetings; and,
• Participate fully in one or more committees.

Research Internship

LACAC is seeking a reliable, self-motivated individual to support LACAC’s data collection and evaluation efforts as a Research Intern. The internship position will be managed and guided by the Program Director. This internship is unpaid, and is available to be conducted remotely or onsite in New Orleans. Work hours and schedule can be flexible, with weekly meetings and activities during workday hours (9:00am-5:00pm central time) required. Required hours per week are flexible, and will depend on the intern’s school requirements or work. The internship duration will span the 2022- 2023 academic period. Applicants from a wide variety of disciplines are encouraged to apply: criminal justice, security studies, international studies, political science, mathematics & statistics, and other related degree fields.

This internship will 1) provide the intern with a space to utilize data analysis to inform LACAC activities, 2) apply classroom research skills to a real-life context, 3) conduct data analysis to improve data collection to inform non-profit activities. The intern will support the LACAC’s efforts to improve data collection and data analysis. The intern should have demonstrated research and analysis skills, with an emphasis on quantitative data. The intern will be highly responsible, with the ability to work independently in a timely manner. The intern should have a keen interest in data, and an ability to creatively consider new and untapped data sources.

• Conduct literature reviews to identify best-practices data collection tools, platforms, etc.;
• Analyze and transform LACAC data to create user-friendly data points and graphics;
• Create data collection tools and processes to improve LACAC’s data collection process;
• Support data entry for LACAC projects;
• Support data collection activities for LACAC projects.

Core Competencies:

• Demonstrated research experience
• Excellent qualitative research skills
• Established data analysis skills
• Strong Microsoft Excel skills
• Self-motivated with the ability to work effectively off-site or on-site
• Experience in human rights, social work, or relevant field a plus
• Advanced degree a plus

Opportunities as an Intern:
• Network with service providers, non-profits, and potential employers in Louisiana.
• Access U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Victims of Crime, and other federal agency webinars and training sessions on child abuse response.
• Hold flexible work hours with the potential to work remotely or off-site regularly.

To Apply:
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is full. Email your resume and cover letter with the subject line “Research Internship- (last name)” to

Outreach Internship

LACAC is seeking a reliable, self-motivated individual to support its community engagement efforts. The internship position will be managed and guided by the Program Director. This internship is unpaid, and will be conducted remotely due to COVID-19. Work hours and schedule can be flexible, with weekly meetings and some outreach activities during workday hours (9:00am-5:00pm central time) required. This internship will 1) provide the intern with experience working within the nonprofit sector, and 2) give insight into the process of creating community partnerships and expanding networks. The internship duration will span the 2022- 2023 academic period.

The intern will support LACAC’s efforts to share community resources and engage with community partners in Louisiana. The intern will identify and liaise with potential community partners, support social media content creation, and participate in outreach activities. The intern should be self-motivated, with the ability to successfully complete tasks remotely or offsite.

• Support LACAC data collection and entry efforts
• Outreach and liaison with community partners
• Distribute and monitor outreach materials, including social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
• Participate in community events and in-person outreach activities
• Create social media content and outreach materials

Core Competencies:

• Strong communication and collaboration skills
• Strong attention to detail
• Established social media capabilities, including the creation of content and management of accounts
• Excellent Microsoft Office suite skills, familiarity with Google Drive
• Self-motivated with the ability to work effectively from a remote location
• Content creation and graphic design (IE: creating flyers, etc.)
• Experience in non-profit or social services setting a plus

Opportunities as an Intern:
• Network with service providers and potential employers in the non-profit sector from organizations in a variety of social service provider movements, including: child abuse response, anti-trafficking, domestic violence/sexual assault, homelessness, and more.
• Access to U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Victims of Crime, and other federal agency webinars and training sessions on child abuse response. Also welcome to attend training sessions hosted by LACAC.

To Apply:
Internship is on a rolling basis. Submit a cover letter and resume via email to with the subject “Outreach Internship- (Last Name).